Teamwork is the only reason we survive

Lizze is still under the weather with a stomach thing and was unable to go with us to celebrate my Mom's birthday last night. She needed her rest and the best way to do that is without the kids bringing down the house around her. lol The boys and I had a lot of fun last night, a little too much fun actually. Holy crap were they bouncing off the walls both while we were there and when we got home. After a couple of hours, I had all I could take and we mad a graceful exit. There ended up being a ton of people present and that gets the boys overly excited. Bedtime was a serialistic nightmare but they did finally go to bed. Lizze didn't sleep well…


Caring for an Autistic Child’s Hair

This is a collaborative post and may not reflect the views or opinions of this blog or its author.     Image source If you have an autistic child, cutting hair can be a struggle. In fact, simple hair brushing can often lead into screaming, meltdowns, hitting, biting, and behavior that quite frankly leaves you feeling exhausted. This is understandable, as most children with autism need environments whereby they feel they are in control, and a haircut is not one of those environments. So, how can you look at your child’s hair without WW3 breaking out? Here are some tips to help you get your child’s hair brushed, cut and cared for… Getting your child’s haircut without a meltdown occurring  So, let’s deal with getting your child’s haircut first and…


Looking After an Elderly Relative Who Has #Autism

This is a collaborative post and doesn't necessarily reflect the views of this blog or its author. There is plenty of good, sound and helpful advice to be found on this blog regarding being a parent of a child that has been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, but now it’s time to look at the other end of the age spectrum. As your loved one gets older, they may also need help moving around the house. To find advice on this matter, make sure to read on. Image source First of all, consider just how autism can affect the elderly The first thing to do when putting a care plan together to look after an elderly person who is autistic is to consider just how the condition affects them. And,…


Moving Home With Kids Ain’t Easy; Relocating With Autistic Kids Is Harder Still

This is a sponsored post  Any parent who has ever relocated after having children will confirm that it can be a challenging period. After all, the prospect of leaving behind everything they know – from friends to school – can be rather daunting for kids to accept. When a child suffers from autism, though, a whole host of additional issues are thrown into the mix.  Still, this cannot stop you from making the move that could open the door to a brighter future for the family. Here are some top tips we’ve gained from experience over the years, such as times when we’ve helped other families complete their relocations. Image: Children Need Time All kids need time to adjust and prepare for the move, but this is especially true for…

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Beautifully powerful new photos in my gallery

It's been a long day but I wanted to give you something to tide you over until I finish up my next post. I'm trying out a new gallery plugin and I wanted to test it out with some of the new pictures I took today. Please let me know your thoughts and leave them below in the comments. Please know that these are full resolution photos, and they may take a second to load, depending on your connection. :-)   [foogallery id="55714"]


Watch John Oliver’s powerful and informative advice on #vaccines

Watch the brave John Oliver's powerful advice on #vaccinesI'm a huge fan of John Oliver's Last Week Tonight. Not only is he funny, but he takes on real life topics and does so in a way that presents the facts. He's brought about actual change as a result of some of the topics he's taken on. While his topics tend to be political on nature, they range from anything coal mining to standardized testing. This past Sunday however, he took on a subject that not only impacts the Autism community, but also the rest of society in general. Watch the video below and see how John Oliver takes on the topic of vaccines. The benefits of vaccines far outweigh the minuscule risks, but some parents still question their safety. John Oliver…


Father’s Day is more than just ties and cookouts

First of all, Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's out there, pulling their weight and actively involved in their kids lives. I also want to say Happy Father's Day to all the single Mom's out there pulling double duty and filling the role of both parents. I have nothing but respect and admiration for you. :-) I know Father's Day is a day where we celebrate Dad's. There might be presents or cookouts, and those are awesome, but I ask that you keep something else in mind as well. Father's Day should also be a day that we as Dad's, remember how important of a role we play in the lives of our children. It's so important to be present. It's equally important that you be actively involved, a good leader,…