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Hey Dad, You Need A Good Night’s Sleep Too!

This is a collaborative post and does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of this author of this blog.   Every forum, every article, and every new Mom talks about how hard it is to have a baby and deal with sleep deprivation. No matter where you look, there are guides for a new …

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Morning meltdowns are so exhausting

This morning was a bit on the rougher side of shitty. Emmett really struggled with his stomach and was extremely upset because he didn’t feel good but he also didn’t want to miss school. He struggled with this so much that he ended up melting down. We decided to have him stay home because he …

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When #Autism truly breaks your heart

During therapy tonight, we spoke with Emmett about his tummy aches. He wasn’t super forthcoming, which doesn’t surprise me. We asked him if anything was bothering him because sometimes that can cause a tummy ache. The way we word things is critical to communicating with Emmett. He’s so incredibly literal, it’s very difficult to talk …

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#Autism Parenting – Did you know it’s okay to be frustrated with your kids?

Something I want to talk to you about today has to do with how we react to the insane amounts of stress associated with being an Autism parent.

Teamwork is the only reason we survive

Lizze is still under the weather with a stomach thing and was unable to go with us to celebrate my Mom’s birthday last night. She needed her rest and the best way to do that is without the kids bringing down the house around her. lol The boys and I had a lot of fun …

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Caring for an Autistic Child’s Hair

This is a collaborative post and may not reflect the views or opinions of this blog or its author.     Image source If you have an autistic child, cutting hair can be a struggle. In fact, simple hair brushing can often lead into screaming, meltdowns, hitting, biting, and behavior that quite frankly leaves you …

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