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The butterflies of Fall at the Canton Garden Center

The butterflies of Fall at the Canton Garden Center I love taking pictures and one of my favorite things to take pictures if nature. It’s an amazing feeling to be able to not only witness the beauty first hand, but also capture it to share with others. I’ll be sad to see the warm weather …

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You Might Be An #Autism Parent If:

With the amount of stress that we face as Autism parents, it’s incredibly important that we retain a sense of humor about life. The purpose of my You Might be an Autism parent if posts is to find some humor in an otherwise overwhelming and frustrating situation. Please feel free to share this post of …

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Seeing the ocean for the very first time ever

Seeing the ocean for the very first time in their young lives. Unbelievable experience. I wanted to share the picture I took as the boys touched the ocean for the very first time ever. 🙂 So grateful to Wishes Can Happen for making this happen. 🙂

Emmett’s struggle with #Autism is getting worse

I hate to even think this, let alone verbalize it but as time goes on, Emmett’s struggle with all things Autism seems to be getting worse. Everything sensory related is so much worse than it’s ever been before. His threshold for dealing or coping with these things is almost nonexistent on some days. This is …

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Dear #Autism Parents: Please don’t ever give up

I wanted to take a minute and send out some positive words to all my readers. I’ve been getting emails lately from people who are really struggling with all or part of the challenges associated with being an Autism parent. Everyone’s situation is different and while my situation may seem like it’s way worse or …

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I swear to God I can’t keep doing this

It was a Hellacious morning in this Autism house. Between sensory processing issues and a black and white view of the world, this morning was an absolute nightmare. Emmett really struggles with clothing because of sensory processing issues. He’s been wearing this one particular pair of shorts all year. They’re the only ones he’s comfortable …

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