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I’m so incredibly worried, overwhelmed and stressed out

We had a pretty nice evening, especially considering how stressful of a day it was. Lizze is sick and not doing well. Her cough is bad and she’s in a lot of overall pain. She’s only been on antibiotics for a couple days, so she should be feeling better in the coming days. Gavin is …

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Elliott needed a chest x-ray this morning

Elliott’s appointment took about two hours and he did about as well as he does at any doctors appointment. Elliott has never been comfortable at the doctors, any doctor for that matter. He gets extremely anxious and that using leads to a meltdown, or at the very least, tears. In a nutshell, his appointment when …

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Colgate and MagnusCards helping Special Needs kids with oral hygiene #ColgatePartner

This post is sponsored by #ColgatePartner and is intended to share my family’s experiences using their oral hygiene social stories to help our kids with Autism maintain good oral hygiene. Being an Autism parent is full of many challenges. We all face a unique set of circumstances, but there are usually a few common threads …

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We have to make sure everything is okay

Emmett had a great morning and it currently at school. Elliott is still home sick and is currently sitting next to me at the pediatrician’s office, waiting to be scene. I don’t know what’s going on with him but we just want to make sure everything is okay. I’m absolutely exhausted and ready to crash.

Clozapine Crisis: Here’s what happened today

We have a plan of attack for how to deal with Gavin’s current mental and physical health problems, at least temporarily. The reason I say temporarily is because the particular plan of attack is only until we can finally get into Hematology at Akron Children’s Hospital. Let me start with how the appointment with Dr. …

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I told Emmett how proud of him I was

Update: This was supposed to publish a couple days ago. Not sure what happened but better late than never. ☺ It’s no secret that I’m always proud of my kids, because I don’t hide it very well, and I make it a point to tell them. It’s important to me they know that no matter …

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