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Feeding Emmett is getting more challenging 

I wanted to share a quick example of why it’s so hard to keep Emmett, my youngest with Autism, fed.  Below you will see a picture of a piece of pizza that Emmett wanted to eat this morning. After heating it up however, he began to panic and ultimately decided… Read more »

Confessions of a struggling and stressed out #Autism Dad

This is going to be a super honest post. I’ve not written one like this in awhile because I got tired of judgemental and ridicule from people who don’t get it.  One of my regular readers has been encouraging me to return to some of my more brutally honest writings… Read more »

Why trying to get my son’s new glasses was so frustrating 

I mentioned last night that when it came to getting Emmett’s glasses, I ran into a frustrating situation. Here’s what happened, but before going into this, I want to say something first.  Not everyone agrees with public assistance and I get that. There are people who abuse the system and… Read more »

You won’t believe what the worst part of the eye appointment was for my son with #Autism 

It’s been such a long day and I’m sure you’re all surprised to hear that I’m exhausted. I feel like I’ve been on the go for most of the day and spent all my remaining energy along the way. 😁  For this entry, I’m going to focus on Emmett’s eye… Read more »

We arrived at @AkronChildrens 

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Emmett and I arrived at Akron Children’s Hospital to have his eyes checked out. He’s due for a check up but he’s having a hard time seeing. He also just told me that he’s had a few times where his vision in both eyes has gone totally black.  I wasn’t… Read more »

Here’s why it’s a short day at school today 

Emmett has an eye appointment this afternoon and I wouldnt be surprised if he needs a much stronger prescription. Even with his glasses, he has a hard time seeing things.  I’m hoping everything checks out okay but he’s going to at least need new glasses.  Lizze is going to stay… Read more »

Gummy worms make all the difference 

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I was up to 3 AM last night and I’m completely exhausted. Thankfully, even though we overslept a bit, the boys are being super cooperative. Does it really matter that the cooperation is the result of the availability of gummy worms?  At this point in the game, cooperation is cooperation…… Read more »