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It’s worth swallowing my pride

I weighed myself today and I’m down two pounds. It’s important to understand that whole this is a good thing, I actually gained over the holidays. I actually hit 333 lbs over Christmas. I’m not entirely sure what happened but part of that was poor choices and the minor surgery I had in my back …

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3 pictures of moments that made me smile

We all have our good days and our bad days. Yesterday was a blend of both good and bad but there were also some bright spots as well. I wanted to highlight a couple of these bright spots because they made me smile. First up is courtesy of Mr. Gavin. His new IVIG infusion pump …

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It’s so easy to forget he struggles to express himself

There’s something that is often overlooked when it comes to Emmett. He’s incredibly intelligent and I mean scary smart. Academically he’s way ahead of where he should be and just keeps going. This is something we feel blessed to be able to witness but there is a downside. Emmett is so smart and so articulate …

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It feels good to hurt like this again

I’m working in getting my fitness goals back on track. The holidays were rough and so were the first couple of weeks of withdrawaling from Paxil. As I’m feeling better, I’m trying to make a consistent effort to get things back on track. There are a few key areas I need to focus on: Improved …

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We’re storm prepping right now

Our first day of our four day weekend is off to a decent start. After this morning’s meltdowns, things got better. The boys have been playing together without much problem and I love seeing that. Any plans for going anywhere or doing anything are shutdown because of the weather. We are currently in an ice …

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The only thing that could make it worse

It was rougher night last night because Emmett woke up about 2 AM and was unable to go back to sleep. If at all possible, I don’t like to go to sleep while one or more of the kids are awake, especially in the middle of the night. I’ve been known to grab a nap …

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