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Insurance won’t pay for Gavin’s testing

We have another issue that I haven’t spoke about yet but as the day is drawing closer, I should bring you up to speed. When Gavin saw his pediatric neurologist st the Cleveland Clinic last month, it was decided that he needed three additional appointments. The first appointment was with the Cole Eye Institute because …

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This is probably why I was able to sleep

For only getting about three hours of sleep last night, I’m feeling pretty good. I think that at least knowing what Gavin’s lab results were, gave me enough peace to fall asleep. Sometimes knowing what you’re dealing with can help you find the strength you didn’t think you had left. Hope your day gets off …

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As a result, we worry all the time

I was able to get a hold of Gavin’s psychiatrist’s office this afternoon and got the lab results from his blood draw on Monday morning. I actually only got his Absolute Neutrophil count but that’s a good chunk of information. His Absolute Neutrophil count has climbed up a couple points from 2.0 to 2.4. This …

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Being Autistic isn’t an excuse

Update: I misread this woman’s profile and it turns out she’s not Autistic. My apologies for that. I misunderstood her profile and based on her attack, I incorrectly assumed she was an Autistic adult, attacking me in the way I’ve been attacked many times before. I shouldn’t have assumed and I apologize for that. The …

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Sometimes the stress can be too much

The stress of everything is getting to Lizze and I. We had a disagreement that got a little heated and it didn’t have to be that way. Lizze and I are fine, but we never resolved anything and it wasn’t going to happen until both cleared our heads. It’s totally normal to have disagreements. Sometimes, …

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@VivintHome is now in Best Buy

I was in Best Buy the other day and stumbled across this little surprise. Vivint now has its own little section inside of Best Buy. This is pretty cool because this will make it easier for people to check them out before setting up an installation. I would assume at this point that in order …

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