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I know we will find a way to get through this

I’m hoping to get back on track in the morning. Today has been a wash as far as productivity is concerned. I was definitely not feeling well for the first half of the day but did much better in the afternoon.  I’m getting a bit worried because I still cannot… Read more »

Our school year has been surprising 

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The boys had a good day at school and that’s always a good thing. No ones making fun of Elliott over his backpack, and that’s an enormous relief.  A big bit of awesome is that Elliott doesn’t have homework this year. That’s such a huge relief for all of us…. Read more »

I can’t change what I can’t control

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I want to thank everyone for all the well wishes. I’m feeling much better, and Lizze did a great job of taking care of her sick husband. ☺  I’m pretty sure it was something I ate last night. Actually, I cooked myself a chicken breast in the air fryer, and… Read more »

I’m not feeling well

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I’m canceling my plans for today because I woke up this morning and I feel like crap. Something I ate last night is definitely not agreeing with me. I’m not even walking this morning.  Hopefully, I’ll feel better as the day goes on. I’m just going to stay hydrated and… Read more »

We have some really sad news to share 

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You may or may not know, I turn 39 years old on Thursday. Aside from this being the last year of my third decade life, there’s a something that’s going to make this day pretty awful.  On Thursday at 2:30 PM, we will be taking our Cleo to the vet… Read more »

Even when they drive me crazy

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That’s wasn’t a very relaxing walk. Taking the boys is something I enjoy doing, because I like spending the time with them, while trying to instill healthy habits.  While I enjoy it, on the other hand, it’s frustrating because the boys are so focused on Pokémon Go, it feels like… Read more »