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Bedtime has become a sensory nightmare

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Last night was a challenge once again because Emmett wasn’t tolerating a blanket. Everything has to be just so, in order for him to be comfortable enough to fall asleep.  I’m going to be brutally honest here. I didn’t even dick around with trying for extended periods of time to… Read more »

I’m incredibly nervous

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We head into today, unaware of what it’s going to bring us in regards to Gavin’s and his ever changing health.  It’s a somewhat busy schedule today. I need to get Gavin in for his bloodwork, first thing in the morning. I have his IVIG infusion after that as well…. Read more »

Sharing our journey with #Autism, Fragile health, #Bipolar and major #Depression

If you’ve checked out Lizze’s blog, you will learn that she’s really struggling with depression right now. Please understand that when she’s writing about how she’s feeling or what she’s experiencing, she’s not looking for sympathy.  Her mission, much like mine, is to help people understand what it’s like to go… Read more »

Just because he can speak doesn’t mean he can always communicate 

Gavin has been sleeping most of the day thus far. He says he’s feeling fine but this is unusual for him.  It’s really difficult to know how he’s feeling because he’s not a reliable source of information about himself. I know that sounds weird, as everyone should be the best… Read more »

I’m not feeling a great deal of energy coursing through my veins

We have absolutely no plans for today. It looks like rain is going to be the theme of the day, and that eliminates any outdoor activities.  The above mentioned weather is taking a heavy toll on Lizze. She’s miserable and in a great deal of pain.  Emmett and Elliott seem… Read more »

We’ve been hit with a new #Sensory issue

We’ve hit an unexpected, but not all too surprising bump in the road with Mr Emmett. I’ve shared many times how sensory processing disorder impacts his life on a daily basis.  Here are a few examples.  Emmett hasn’t worn shoes and socks in over a year. He’s worn socks temporarily… Read more »