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We’re heading off to Universal Studios today

We’re going to be heading off to Universal Studios today. Everyone wants to see the Harry Potter stuff and buy their very own Harry Potter wand. The boys are in a pretty good mood this morning, with the exception of Elliott. He’s being super grouchy and uncooperative. Part of that is he’s still feeling rundown …

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Give Kids the World (@GKTWVillage): Pictures from Day 3

I’ve already shared how we stayed close to home (our condo) today. Elliott wasn’t feeling well and we’re trying to balance everything out so the kids don’t implode from overstimulation. It was kind of a lazy day and I really feel like that was the right decision. We explored Give Kids the World Village and …

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Terrifying: One of my kids with #Autism wandered off while on vacation

The family and I just got back to our condo after a roughly two hour long excursion. We walked the entirety of Give Kids the World Village and then went to dinner. As we were heading off to the café, Emmett said something about taking a shortcut. We thought he meant looping around the sidewalk …

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Behavioral problems we’re dealing with while on vacation

We’re having an amazing time in Florida and for the most part, it’s going really well. There’s so much benefit to having time away from our lives like this, but there’s also a downside as well. The downside I’m referring to is in regards to Autism related complications. It’s nothing terrible but it does present …

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Wishes Can Happen: Elliott’s still feeling like poo

Elliott is still feeling like poo on a bad day. His fever is down a bit and that’s good. I’m not sure what we’re going to do because he doesn’t feel up to doing anything. I took Gavin and Emmett to breakfast this morning, while Lizze stayed back with Elliott. They were able to have …

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Give Kids the World (@GKTWVillage): Pictures from day 2

There’s so much to do down here in Florida. Give Kids the World is the most amazing place I’ve personally ever been to. Here are a few pictures from life sized Candy Land and from lunch or dinner, I can’t honestly remember. 😁

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