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Last night sucked but I feel pretty good today

I slept well last night, and while I got off to a late start, I went walking before 9 AM. I wanted to get this done before the dangerously hot weather kicked in. Self-care is so important for a caregiver to focus on, and I want to not only be… Read more »

His explosive temper is a major problem

We’re becoming more and more concerned about Gavin’s explosive temper. It doesn’t take much to light his very, very short fuse. The end result is loud, aggressive, and violent. He had another blowout at therapy tonight, and it took considerable effort to get him calmed down. We spent some time… Read more »

One on one time with my kids is always a priority

This morning I was able to convince Emmett to go walking with me. It’s really nice to be able to do that because it’s quality time, without the distractions of everything going on at home. I like to get as much one on one time with my kids as possible…. Read more »

I’m hoping Emmett will go with me

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We’re supposed to get hit with major weather today and then the heat index is supposed to be very dangerous the rest of the week. At the moment, things are pretty comfortable, and I’m going to try sneaking in my morning walk before the weather hits. The boys have therapy… Read more »

He gets very angry and looks for something to hit

I wanted to briefly talk about therapy tonight because we spent it trying to address some problems we are experiencing with Gavin. We spent time talking with Elliott first, but then an issue arose with Gavin that sorta derailed things. Gavin is an amazing young man, who’s come a very… Read more »

The stress is unbearable

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We’re waist-deep in teenage and special needs growing pains. One of the more typical problems right now is that our house is way too small. No one besides Gavin really has their own space. Lizze and I do okay, but Elliott and Emmett are very much struggling right now. Elliott… Read more »