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The zero mistake and how it broke the bank

One of the reasons I’ve been so stressed out over the last few days is because of what I’m calling the zero mistake. The last week or so has been unbelievably busy. Between medical emergencies with Lizze’s Dad and everything going on with Gavin, I’m a bit frazzled. Frankly, my nerves are fried. Last Saturday, …

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Elliott’s home sick AGAIN

As I mentioned last night, Elliott is home sick again today. He went back to school yesterday but came home with a fever. He’s spent most of the day resting and watching Netflix. Yesterday, he came home with a his make up work and has completed all of it already. At least he’s not going …

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Tonight’s meltdown just about pushed me over the edge

We lived through a massive Emmett meltdown this evening. This particular meltdown was in regards to his dinner and it was a doozy, as well as being partly my fault. Emmett is very sensitive when it comes to food. He has major sensory related issues that make feeding him very challenging because the menu of …

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Guess who’s sick

The boys had a good day at school but Elliott looks like shit and is running a fever. I don’t think it’s anything serious as it’s probably just a cold. That said, a fever is a fever and he will be home tomorrow. I need to speak with his teachers because Elliott is saying that …

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This is kinda weird

We learned something today from Gavin, that seems sorta strange. He made it a point to tell Lizze while I was gone, and then me while we were dropping off the boys lunches. Gavin informed us that he has been taking showers while he’s hanging out with my parents on Wednesdays while the boys are …

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I might actually call today productive

Everyone got off to school this morning without too much of a problem. That allowed me to meet my Mom and walk about four miles before 10 AM. I’m super pumped about that. When I was done, I picked Lizze and Gavin up because we needed to get the boys lunches to school. After that, …

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