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Day 5 @GKTWVillage: You won’t believe who visited today

As we head into our final day at Give Kids the World, I want to share some new pictures from Thursday’s very special guest. Check out what happened and why the kids were so excited. There was a very special visitor here at Give Kids the World and he made a lot of kids, very …

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The weather has canceled our plans for today

There are zero plans for today because it’s storming and will continue to for the next few days. Going to any parks is simply unrealistic at this point. Our priority for today is to attend the Christmas party tonight. Apparently, Santa is going to make an appearance and deliver presents to the kids. Needless to …

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Wishes Can Happen: Pictures from Universal Studios (Day 4)

We had a pretty awesome day, and spent a large part of it at Universal Studios. We were very realistic about the kids limitations and rather than trying to create in as much as we could, we instead focused on what everyone wanted most. Our priority was everything Harry Potter and we managed to do …

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We’re heading off to Universal Studios today

We’re going to be heading off to Universal Studios today. Everyone wants to see the Harry Potter stuff and buy their very own Harry Potter wand. The boys are in a pretty good mood this morning, with the exception of Elliott. He’s being super grouchy and uncooperative. Part of that is he’s still feeling rundown …

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Give Kids the World (@GKTWVillage): Pictures from Day 3

I’ve already shared how we stayed close to home (our condo) today. Elliott wasn’t feeling well and we’re trying to balance everything out so the kids don’t implode from overstimulation. It was kind of a lazy day and I really feel like that was the right decision. We explored Give Kids the World Village and …

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Terrifying: One of my kids with #Autism wandered off while on vacation

The family and I just got back to our condo after a roughly two hour long excursion. We walked the entirety of Give Kids the World Village and then went to dinner. As we were heading off to the cafĂ©, Emmett said something about taking a shortcut. We thought he meant looping around the sidewalk …

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