There’s no way to win this war with #Autism involved

There’s no way to win this war with #Autism involved

We had to get up this morning at the ass crack of dawn, in order to have the boys to Akron Children’s Hospital for appointments at 8 am. Elliott and Emmett are there for good checks. It’s also an ADHD follow-up. 

I don’t plan on anything unexpected coming from this appointment. 

The only wildcard in play is Elliott sleep issues of late. I’m not overly concerned, but I do want to bring this up and see what she thinks. It’s always a good idea to keep the doctor in the loop. 

This will likely be one of those appointments where the drive takes longer than the doctor, but whatcha gonna do. Good pediatricians aren’t always easy to find. ☺ 

I should also mention that I prepared the kids for the appointment ahead of time, and Elliott is already freaking out. He hates anything to do with the doctor. It doesn’t matter which doctor or why he’s going. His anxiety is in overdrive, and it will be until the appointment is over and we’re back in the car. 

Sometimes it’s better to surprise them with things like this, so they don’t have time to worry. Other times it’s better to prepare them in advance. 

Elliott tends to do better with advanced notice, while Elliott does better not knowing until the last possible minute. Unfortunately, there’s no way to win this war because it’s not like we can prepare Emmett without Elliott finding out. Likewise, we can’t surprise Elliott without surprising Emmett. 

Autism complicates so many things in our life, but we always survive. ☺ 

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