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Gavin did something pretty amazing tonight

I wanted to touch base and let you know that things are going pretty good at the moment. Gavin’s appointment with immunology went well and he’s had a pretty good day. In fact, Gavin’s had an awesome day. The kids had therapy tonight and while we were there, we were… Read more »

#Autism parenting is all about progress not perfection

It’s not a huge surprise that Gavin’s appointment with his immunologist went well. These appointments rarely go poorly because he’s monitored so closely on a weekly basis. Gavin sees his immunologist because he has Common Variable Immunodeficiency or CVID, which put simply, means he lives with a severely compromised immune… Read more »

We’ve made it to immunology

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Gavin and I made it to his appointment. We actually arrived thirty minutes early because there was absolutely zero traffic issues. That almost never happens. Usually, we leave early enough to allow ninety minutes for travel time. Today it only took about an hour because there was simply no stop… Read more »

Today was far from perfect but perfect was never the target

I feel like we had a good day today. It goes without saying that it was far from perfect but perfect is never the target. We had some issues, especially at bedtime with Elliott but I’m still breathing and so is he. 😉 We’re getting into that teenage angst and… Read more »

I want to share something positive from yesterday

I forgot to share a really positive moment from yesterday. My brain isn’t firing on all cylinders at the moment. So please forgive me. Mr. Emmett really, really, really likes watching Bob’s Burgers. I enjoy Bob’s Burgers as well but not so much that I can watch it nonstop. I… Read more »

If the person I once was saw the person I am now…..

There are quite a lot of things going on in my life right now. Work has been picking up and I’m feeling good about that. My search for a therapist continues. I’m hoping for a callback tomorrow but insurance is very limiting. I did reach out to one in particular,… Read more »