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Forcing myself to look towards the future

One of the things that depression does to me is make it harder to see or plan for the future. I’ve always struggled with this and right now is no exception. With everything going on in my life, it’s hard to see beyond the moment. It’s for that reason that I’m forcing myself to do …

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Christmas shopping for our pets this year

I’m having a bit of fun and frustration as Christmas gets closer and closer. The boys are very indecisive this year and I’m having a hard time getting any ideas for what get them. I know this year is going to be new for all of us but I want to make it as special …

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The boys are gone tonight

The boys are at their mom and grandparents house tonight. I dropped them off about 1:30 pm and they seem to be having a great time. Elliott’s still under the weather so they are possibly taking him to see the doctor in the morning. I ran a few errands and had an otherwise quite evening. …

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We’re supposed to have an out of town appointment this week

This week I have to have the boys to Akron Children’s Hospital for a couple of reasons. First of all, they’re sick and need to be followed. Secondly, I’m supposed to have them to the Behavioral Health Clinic for their monthly follow-up and meds check. As I’m thinking about this though, that may have to …

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Ethan Fisher Talks Tragedy and Triumph (S2E8)

S2E8 In this week’s episode, I have the chance to talk with Ethan Fisher about depression, mental illness, addiction and suicide. Ethan is a keynote speaker who has turned tragedy into triumph. We discuss recognizing the signs of depression in our kids and how we can help them. He helps students all over the country …

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My kids are f*cking ridiculous and I’m so thankful for them

I had a rough time sleeping last night but I did manage some sleep and I’m so grateful for that. Emmett made it almost the entire night in his own bed and I’m really proud of him. I was struggling a bit yesterday and I neglected to share some of the positives we experienced. As …

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