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It’s always something isn’t it

The boys won’t be home for a little while and after sleeping in, I’m going to go walking. Lizze is in a great deal of pain today, so I’ll be walking alone. Before we went to Chipotle last night, we also took Gavin to the garden center. He’s been having a lot of joint related …

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Things have gotten so much more complicated

Before I go into anything, I want to begin by saying that Gavin’s echocardiagram looks good. Everything appears to be normal and that’s really, really good news. Gavin did really well with the testing and was very cooperative. He even tried to carry on conversations with the staff. It was sorta awkward and unrelated to …

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General Update: The Good News and The Bad News

I’ve been spread pretty thin this week and I haven’t written much at all. I’m trying to refocus a bit and get back into the habit but frankly, it seems overwhelming sometimes. I’ll do my best to get back on track.  There are a few things that I’d like to update you on.  First and …

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My Broken Heart: The True Story of The Bare-Handed Man

Why do we treat those with disabilities so cruelly? This story happened on February 22, 2011, and forever changed my life. Please help me share it. This is why we desperately need #Autism Awareness… As scene on @CNN Mon April 16, 2012.