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Have I mentioned how much I literally hate homework? Can anyone relate to this story?

Emmett missed most of last week because he wasn’t feeling well. I had work sent home for him to work on so he wasn’t so overwhelmed when he hopefully returns on Monday. Emmett is crazy smart and way ahead of everyone else in his class, so homework is something that… Read more »

So Proud

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I want to take a second and share how proud of Elliott I am right now. I’m always proud of my kids but sometimes they even surprise me and I find myself even more deeply impressed. Today is one such day.. ☺ On the way home from school today, Elliott… Read more »

Prepaing the new school week

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The boys had a pretty decent day. Gavin spent most of his time in his bedroom, most likely because he was on a mission to save the Universe from pending fake. Elliott and Emmett got along pretty well for most of the day. Emmett worked on some of his homework… Read more »

Welcome to my fricking nightmare, and it’s only 8 AM

The boys are going to their grandparents for a little while today. It’s spend some time with Grandma day, and it should be fun form the boys. Y Unfortunately, Emmett is still finishing up some of his make up work, and it’s due in the morning. He’s freaking out over… Read more »

Homework on the table and pajamas at school

Everyone made it to school today, but we ended up having two small problems after the fact. Shortly after Lizze arrived home from dropping them off, we realized that Emmett’s homework was on the table. In all the rush, it never made it into his folder. I know that his… Read more »

Why I ask about my kids day at school before we get home

I was able to enjoy some me time again today, while waiting for Elliott to be dismissed from school. I played some ambient noise in the car and caught up on the news.  I didn’t get much writing done but I did get to sorta zone out for a little… Read more »

1 MAJOR reason I’m so proud of Elliott today

I’m super proud of Elliott this week for a number of reasons but I’m just going to focus on the one for now.  Doing homework hasn’t always been a pleasant experience for Elliott or us, as his parents.  Recently though, it seems as though we’ve made some significant progress towards… Read more »