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The kids are really sick and I’m overwhelmed

The boys are both really sick and won’t be at school in the morning. Elliott seems to be getting worse and Emmett is quickly catching up. Both are running fevers and I’m going to call Akron Kids in the AM to see if I can get them seen by their pediatrician. Their mom just got …

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One of my dreams is to turn my efforts into a non-profit foundation. I’ve been wanting to do this for years and there’s a few reasons why. I would like to be able to do more than provide support and comfort online. I want to be able to help Autism and Special Needs families in …

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This is pretty f*cking amazing but you might not get why

The coolest thing happened last night and my phone was dead so I couldn’t get a picture of it. I meant to share this when it happened but I was distracted by a million other things. Last night I grilled hamburgers, hotdogs and chicken breast for dinner. Elliott will only eat chicken but Emmett and …

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Making some progress in regards to Christmas

Okay, so I’m slowly making some progress with my kids as far as Christmas shopping for them is concerned. By progress I mean the ideas are starting to trickle in. That being said, not all the ideas are realistic. One of the things that my middle minion is very interested in is archery. He’s been …

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It’s a vicious cycle

It was a long night. Elliott did manage to fall asleep and the meds really helped him to get some rest. Emmett on the other hand, sounds absolutely awful now. He went from starting to get sick to struggling not to choke on all the gunk in a very short time. It’s like someone flipped …

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Elliott is not doing well tonight

It’s been a rough day. Elliott got much worse overnight and his mom and grandma took him to urgent care before bringing him home today. I’m not sure what happened but he definitely got worse and I would have taken him in as well. I ended up taking the Emmett and Gavin while their mom …

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