I think I pulled off a miracle today

The boys and I are just now getting home from a day of running errands. 

The day began with an interview related to state benefits for the boys. It went really well but Imhave some hard thinking I need to do because proceeding down this road will create secondary issues and I just don’t know what to do.m

The real adventure began when I needed to get my drivers license renewed and all three boys were with me.… Read More

I had to buy Emmett new shoes

The boys andbInhad errands to run this morning beginning with renewing my drivers license. 

We followed up with bitting the bullet and taking Emmett shoe shopping. 

That’s not a process that enjoy doing, especially since his current shoes are perfectly fine and only 3 months old. 

Unfortunately, for whatever reason, he wasn’t tolerating his current shoes anymore because they felt funny.Read More

It’s the last day of summer break

This time tomorrow, the boys will be knee deep in their first day of school. I’m absolutely praying that things go well for them. 

The boys are excited about this return to school but nervous as well. 

I’m feeling optimistic that things will be okay with this rather drastic change to their schedules. 

Today will be spent getting everything in order. 

School clothes will be readied and supplies will be packed.… Read More

#Autism Parenting: Trying to break bad habits is very difficult

I’ve been talking lately about how Gavin has reverted back to pointing with his middle finger. This is something he used to do when he was younger but we finally moved past it and it’s been many years since he’s done this. 

Since this started up again, I’ve been trying to snag a picture of him doing this so I can show him what it looks like and why it’s a problem. 

I finally was fast enough today and while it’s a bit blurry, I think you’ll see what it is I’m trying to break him of doing.… Read More

The boys really struggled tonight but I’m feeling optimistic about the week ahead

It’s been a rough night but everyone is finally asleep. Elliott is the only one not struggling when it comes to sleeping right now. 

Since they had a therapy session with their Mom last Tuesday, Emmett hasn’t been able to fall asleep without being glued to me.… Read More

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