#Autism Parenting: Trying to break bad habits is very difficult

I’ve been talking lately about how Gavin has reverted back to pointing with his middle finger. This is something he used to do when he was younger but we finally moved past it and it’s been many years since he’s done this. 

Since this started up again, I’ve been trying to snag a picture of him doing this so I can show him what it looks like and why it’s a problem. 

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I finally was fast enough today and while it’s a bit blurry, I think you’ll see what it is I’m trying to break him of doing. The only reason I even caught this image today is because he was doing this constantly throughout the day. 

He doesn’t realize he’s doing this but the world around him takes notice and I just don’t want him to find himself in trouble someday because people won’t understand. 

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Gavin was pointing at the Xbox and asking to play it when I grabbed this picture.
I’m open to suggestions that don’t revolve around removing his middle finger. I’ve already thought of that and figured it wasn’t the best idea.. lol

Seriously though, I’ve thought about putting a bandage on his pointer finger or even painting his nail, as a means of physically reminding him which finger he should be using. 

I’m totally open to ideas here.. 😕

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