I had to buy Emmett new shoes

The boys andbInhad errands to run this morning beginning with renewing my drivers license. 

We followed up with bitting the bullet and taking Emmett shoe shopping. 

That’s not a process that enjoy doing, especially since his current shoes are perfectly fine and only 3 months old. 

Unfortunately, for whatever reason, he wasn’t tolerating his current shoes anymore because they felt funny. I don’t know what the means because I never get more information than that without a meltdown. 

I’m pleased to say that our shoe shopping trip was not in vain because we found shoes that Emmett finds comfortable and is excited about wearing.  They have memory foam and the way they velcro makes the whole shoes tighter. 

It took a little while to find shoes he would tolerate but we did.  

I don’t know how long he will tolerate them but he’s super excited as of right now and I’m going to really try and build this up. 

This is a pretty big victory. I wasn’t planning on replacing his already new shoes so soon but as long as he wears them, it’s worth the sacrifice. 😀


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  • Rachel Whitehead

    You don’t have the joys of the UK where shoes have to be black and polish able leather . My 7 year old has lived in sandals for our 6 week holiday he hates I am worried how is first day back will go next week. His shoes have a fancy sole that makes a dinosaur print so I have everything crossed that eases the translation.

  • The Autism Dad

    A lot of the schools here have gone to uniforms as well here in the US.. My kids are in a special for kids on the .. There is quite a bit of flexibility as far as what the kids can wear because they understand.
    are a must though for safety reasons…. He’s happy with his shoes for now and they don’t feel funny to him.. Hopefully it stays that way.
    My fingers are crossed that your son has a positive return to wearing shoes.. U0001f600

  • Rachel Whitehead

    We are not fortunate enough to have specialist schools for kids with average academic abilities and so far his behavior has not been severe enough to loose his place in main stream it hangs over me all the time