Yes my kids have #Autism but they’re still accountable for their decisions and actions

We had some issues with Elliott before even getting home from school this afternoon. He was reminded that there is no tablet or Xbox until his homework is done and of course that led to him freaking out. 

This morning, Elliott was very disrespectful to both Lizze and myself.… Read More

This #Autism Dad is climbing up on his soapbox for a good cause

I know I probably sound like a scratched record but I’m going to keep climbing up on my soap box for this one because I truly believe it’s just that important. 

As important as this topic is, it’s more often than not overlooked. 

I’m talking of course about taking care of ourselves.… Read More

It was sensory and meltdown central this morning

It was a rough morning here in the The Autism Dad household. Emmett was having a morning full of sensory problems that led us to being late for school.

It was a shoes and socks thing again.😔

We eventually got the situation resolved but it wasn’t without a great deal of energy expenditure. 

Elliott was just difficult in general and very frustrating.… Read More

The heartbreaking reason that kept us from trick or treating 

I mentioned in a previous post how the boys spent the night with Lizze’s parents on Saturday. They live in a different city so their trick or treat was Saturday afternoon. The boys had a blast trick or treating in their grandparents neighborhood, while Lizze and I had the night off. 

The plan was for the boys to be dropped off at my parents house on Sunday afternoon and we would take them trick or treating in my old stomping grounds.… Read More

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