Thank God for mornings like this

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It’s been a pretty easy morning thus far. The boys did a great job of getting ready for school and the only hiccup was that I needed to make a second trip because Elliott left his backpack at home. 

That wasn’t a huge deal and I didn’t mind. That never happens and considering how cooperative they both were, I’d make a second trip every day if I needed to, in order to ensure this level of positivity each morning. ☺ 

We have absolutely nothing on the schedule for today. It’s the first day this week that I’m not rushing around and losing my mind. 

Lizze is sleeping and Gavin’s about to take his morning nap as well. I’m not sure if I’m going to be taking a nap today. I totally deserve a nap (😁) but I very much want to work on the house and get some writing done. 

The boys will be gone tonight and part of tomorrow, so that means Lizze and I have a night to ourselves. 

I really, really want to go see the new Kong movie but things will be a little tighter financially this month and I don’t think we can pull that off right now. Having said that, we may do some mall walking and maybe grab a burrito for dinner. 

Netflix is very much on the menu for tonight as well. 

Frankly, the downtime itself is more than we could really ask for and we’re both super grateful for the time off. ☺ 

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kimmy gebhardt
kimmy gebhardt

Keeping in mind that you obviously deserve some privacy, I think that letting people know why things are tight could be beneficial and help people realize that they’re not alone. You’ve mentioned recently that things are looking up financially so it’s a curiosity why things would be tight. If it’s because you’re constantly looking for ways to help your kids, people might appreciate the candor. Are there things that insurance doesn’t cover that you have to buy out of pocket? Have you been spending more than normal on shoes or socks for Emmett? Has the higher income with Lizze being… Read more »