More homework frustration for my son with #Autism 

Both boys had a good day at school but Elliott’s a bit frustrated over his homework for the week. Homework proves to be a struggle when he has four days in which to do it. I’ve written about this countless times. 

Elliott is frustrated because it’s a short school week and yet they’re given the same amount of homework to do. 

I can understand his frustration and I’m not quite sure of the logic that goes into the decision to do this. If homework is a problem on a full week, why not reduce the amount proportionally on a short week?

That seems reasonable to me, because I know Elliott’s far from the only one who struggles with homework in his class. 

We’ll help Elliott to get as much done as he can but it’s not worth distressing him the point of a meltdown. Elliott’s way ahead of his class and his last report card was the equivalent of straight A’s. I’m not worried about him academically.. 

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That said, we are going to make an honest effort to get this done. 

I’m so over this whole homework thing though and counting the days until I don’t have to worry about it for the summer.