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I’m doing my best to survive

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The boys got off to school on a good foot. They were cooperative-ish and made it to school on time. Unfortunately, my back is out. When I say out, I mean it’s the worst it’s been in many years. It’s the kind of pain that makes it hard to breathe…. Read more »

I’m so angry and I need to vent

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I’m really frustrated tonight and much as I try to not succumb to the negative feelings, I’m unable to at this point. I put so much time, energy, heart and soul into this blog. While I’m able to help support my family through ads and sponsored posts, the main purpose… Read more »

We had a massive, massive meltdown

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It’s not been a good morning so far. To start things off on the wrong foot, I stepped funny coming down the stairs and jarred my back. You may recall that I suffered a major back injury many years ago. Most of the time I’m okay and I’ve adapted to… Read more »

If lawmakers won’t make the changes, it’s time to change the lawmakers #GunReformNow

I’m sitting in the car, waiting for the boys to come out the door after dismissal. I can’t help but feel heartbroken for all the parents who can no longer do that because someone entered a school building and murdered their innocent child. I can’t even image what these families… Read more »

So far so good-ish

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It’s days like today when I feel like everything is catching up to me. I’m exhausted and feel like I could sleep all day. It’s not a good idea to give into that desire to sleep and instead, continue pushing forward. Lizze has an appointment this afternoon and we have… Read more »

Today’s Victory: Pants

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I want to take a second to remind everyone to celebrate the victories. As Autism and Special Needs Parents, we’re all to aware that even the smallest step forward still means forward movement. Focus on those victories, even on the really bad days because it helps to maintain perspective. That… Read more »

Receiving An Autism Diagnosis: The Do’s And Don’ts

When your child is diagnosed with autism, your life is going to be changed forever. The diagnosis itself can be intimidating, and you will likely feel scared, upset, and maybe even angry. You’ll be unsure of what to do or who to turn to, and this will only make your… Read more »