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Receiving An Autism Diagnosis: The Do’s And Don’ts

When your child is diagnosed with autism, your life is going to be changed forever. The diagnosis itself can be intimidating, and you will likely feel scared, upset, and maybe even angry. You’ll be unsure of what to do or who to turn to, and this will only make your… Read more »

How Pets Can Help Children with Autism

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  Image source – They say that a pet is man’s best friend, but they are so much more than this. For a child that has autism, a pet can change their life for the better. There have been numerous reports and studies that have investigated the benefits of… Read more »

I need your help. Please take a second and read this post

I’ve been working to raise awareness for people with Autism and their families for over a decade. I do so by sharing our story in a very open, honest and transparent way. I’ve also been providing a free support forum for families to join and seek comfort, guidance and advice… Read more »

What our school is doing to limit the ability of someone to sneak a gun into the building

With the tragic rise in school shootings, I know that parents and students are worried about safety while inside the school shooting. Lizze and I are worried as well. It’s really important that as parents, we find out what our schools are doing to keep our kids safe while they… Read more »

Things are working out this morning

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All signs point to being able to walk at the park today. I’m super excited to be able to do that. It’s freakishly warm out and is perfect for walking. We’ve already finished two of the three appointments we have this morning and are currently waiting for the third to… Read more »

I love him but he’s driving me crazy

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We’re off to a good start this morning. The only downside is that the boys school clothes didn’t dry overnight but we still have time. Gavin is really off this morning and I’m not sure what’s going on with him. He’s ready to go get his bloodwork done but I’m… Read more »

I’m tired of being this way

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I’m going to be quite busy this morning. The boys have to get to school, Gavin has to get his bloodwork done, and Lizze has two appointments to get to. All of this is before lunch time. My goal this week is to get my weightloss and return to wellness… Read more »

He’s 18 years old on the outside but not on the inside

Gavin’s having a rough time today. He’s eighteen years old now but can’t be treated or managed like a typical, freshly minted adult. Unfortunately, Gavin’s cognitive ability is significantly lower than his chronological age. Until we have his new NeuroPsych testing done this summer, we won’t know exactly how much… Read more »

Why it’s important for special needs parents to find something positive in each day

When you’re a special needs parent, it’s quite common to feel overwhelmed. If you did a keyword search in this blog, you’d find countless times I’ve used the word overwhelmed to describe how I’m feeling. Being overwhelmed isn’t something that’s easy to deal with because of its very nature. When… Read more »

Do you ever feel like life has just kicked your ass?

It’s been a long weekend and it’s still not over yet cause there’s no school today. There’s not been anything catastrophic that’s happened in the last few days but I feel like I had my ass kicked up one side of the road and down the other. Truthfully, Lizze and… Read more »

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