Monthly Archives: February 2018

A significant increase in security at my kids school today

The boys did awesome this morning. They got ready for school and out the door with very little effort, at least compared to what it’s been like recently. I took… Read more »

Childhood Disintegrative Disorder is stealing our son from us

This post was started on Friday and has taken me this long to finish. It’s been a long weekend and I apologize for my absence. I was largely absent here… Read more »

Helping Children With Normal Fears & Worries

If this blog has taught you anything, it’s hopefully that any parental challenge and struggle can be overcome with careful, patient, loving and consistent effort for your children. It is possible to intimately know your child and developing a blossoming and loving relationship with them no matter what.

How my son with #Autism blew me away tonight

We had a really nice evening. Truth be told, it was actually extremely stressful for me but that doesn’t mean there weren’t some awesome memories made. I’m just going to… Read more »