How has #Autism impacted your life today

It’s incredibly important we talk about how Autism can impact a family. This isn’t about blaming a child or hating Autism. This is about dealing with the reality of what is very likely, a difficult situation.

It’s important for people to understand the ways that raising a child with Autism can impact the family unit.

It’s sadly taboo for a parent to be honest about the challenges they face while raising a child with Autism. I’ve called bullshit on that for the last eight or nine years that I’ve been a public figure in the Autism community.

Reality isn’t always pleasant and it’s certainly not always pretty.

The reality when it comes to Autism, exemplifies the above sentence.

How can we expect the people around us to better understand Autism if we are unwilling to speak honesty about how it can impact a family.

I’d like to know how Autism has impacted your life today. It can be good or bad, joyous or heartbreaking. There’s no right or wrong answer, only your personal truth.

Please take a second and leave your thoughts in the comments below.

  • mamiskilts says:

    I absolutely agree with you on the reality. My own blog is raw and real. Both on the Autism and my son’s battle with cancer too. It is important to raise awareness, but it also has to be true. I admire your honesty.

  • jrcreaden says:

    Today, autism helped me explain to my 8yo how emotions affect my ability to write/make art. He struggles to understand other people’s emotions, as they seem “small” or “invisible” to him, but he knows exactly what a meltdown feels like inside. By using his meltdowns as a model, he was able to see how my emotions were affecting me and my work, from the inside out.
    I also got an awesome hug. 🙂

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