@AkronChildrens Hospital called with a date for the procedure

I spoke last week about how Gavin is in need of an endoscopy and colonoscopy because of various potential health related problems in those areas. They needed to run labs to make sure that it would be safe for Gavin to have the procedures because Neutrophilia puts him at a much higher risk of infection.

His labs came back and everything looked good. Now it was a matter of scheduling everything and waiting on the call to do so.

I just got off the phone and we now have two dates. The first one is for pre-testing and that’s with a nurse practitioner. My understanding is that we will basically go over everything and make a final determination as to whether or not it’s safe to proceed with the procedures. We’re going to discuss all our concerns, specifically those surrounding his autonomic dysfunction and its potential reaction to anesthesia.

The second date of for the actual procedure, assuming it’s still a go.

We do the pre-testing on May 31st and the procedures will be done on June 5th. Again, this all assumes that it’s safe to proceed.

I’m concerned about him going under because we don’t know how, if at all, his autonomic issues will respond to the sedation. All we can do is show up on time and have a very honest discussion about things. We don’t want to take any unnecessary risks.

Between now and then, we actually see his autonomic specialist and I’ll be able to find out what he thinks. Hopefully, there aren’t any significant risks and we can move forward without too much worry.

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Tammy Brown

and for Gavin and family hope everything goes well

kimmy gebhardt

If you think he has gastroparesis like Lizze, wouldn’t testing for that be a better option than going full on anesthesia and endoscopy? Start with the easier and less invasive and then move to the more dangerous stuff if necessary?

kimmy gebhardt

Yeah, it makes perfect sense. An ulcer would cause a lot of his symptoms. Hopefully it’s that and not something further down the tract.