Zane is finally showing improvement

Progress hasn’t been easy but Zane is finally doing noticeably better. We’ve figured out a way to get him to take his antibiotics that has proven largely successful.

He’s better maintaining his body temperature, although we do have a space heater helping him in that area.

Zane is starting to eat and drink on his own again. He’s using the litter box and it seems likes his system is getting back on track. We are still keeping him isolated but only for a couple more days, maybe less.

He’s got another few days of antibiotics and hopefully, he’ll start gaining weight again.

We’ve all been so worried about him and are relieved to see him getting better. We can’t wait to see him back to his crazy, hyper, bouncy and curious self, as soon as possible.

The other ferrets miss him and keep watch over him from their cage. It will be nice to reunite them and get back to normal. ☺


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  1. My niece has (hold on to your pants) 11 of them.

    1. Rachel Humphrey I love it.. We call that ferret math. One is great, two is better, three is easy and so on… ☺

    2. She’s part of a ferret rescue

    3. That’s awesome… I would love to do something like that but I would have a hard time letting them go….

    4. She does…

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