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We received confirmation that everything will be up and running, if not now, in short order. Legoland is the main thing Gavin wished for and I was worried that might prove to be a problem.

The only place I don’t know about for sure is Kennedy Space Center.

It would be awesome to go there but if it’s not a huge deal. It’s probably just the nerd in me that was really excited to see that place. 😁

We are officially a go for the end of the month and I know I’m excited. ☺

This trip is going to be so much fun for all of us.

The only issue we still have to work out is how to keep Lemme, our genius ferret from being able to escape while we’re gone. I thought for sure I’d finally Lemme proofed the pen but she exploited a weakness that hadn’t occurred to me.

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My Mom will be over each day to feed/water the ferrets and the cat.

Being able to leave the ferrets in their pen will make things so much easier for my Mom and provide the ferrets with enough room to run around and play. They need the room and probably shouldn’t be left in their cage the whole time. My Mom isn’t a huge ferret fan so I want to make this as easy on her as possible.

I have about two weeks to figure this out. I’m considering building something g from scratch but until I hear back from the bank on the dispute on my account, I’m very limited on funds.

Anyway, knowing that everything is going to work out is such a huge relief. Now we just have to get planning and fine tuning the physical trip, get everything together we’re going to need and patiently wait until it’s time to go. ☺

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