We received some bad news

I really like to focus on the positive side of things but sometimes, life just sucks. No matter how it’s painted or candy coated, there’s no escaping the gravitational pull of this dense ball of negative shit.

If I don’t talk about this stuff then you don’t have a true image of what our lives are like or the challenges we face while we’re going through everything else.… Read More

I have bad news about Gavin

As I shared earlier, Gavin had an appointment today with Dr.Reynolds, his psychiatrist for over an decade. 

The trip to this appointment was incredibly difficult for Gavin because his bladder issues were ramped up and causing him a great deal of distress. Thankfully he made it without incident.. 

His appointment went as well as it could, considering why we were there. We were there to both follow up on meds and discuss Gavin’s current status.… Read More

Just when I think things will finally be okay, I couldn’t have been more wrong

The boys are all healthy once again and we were on our way to pick Elliott up from school when the other shoe dropped.

The car died and I mean I have no clue what’s wrong with it but it doesn’t sound good at all. 

I managed to get us out of the intersection and we limped into the school parking lot before something starting burning.  The car sounded like a lawnmower without a muffler and then it shutdown, never to start again. 

This is the last thing we needed to have happen, especially since I’m borrowing the car from my parents. 

I have no idea how bad this is going to be because I’m not mechanically inclined, in regards to cars anyways.… Read More