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It’s worse than I thought :(

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I just heard back from my brother, as to the extent of things that need done on the car. Apparently, it needs front and back brakes, front/back rotors, bearings on both sides of the front end, both tie rods and there’s a fuel leak. These repairs simply aren’t possible. I… Read more »

We received some bad news 

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In what seems like a cruel twist of fate, insurance has decided to discontinue coverage for Lizze’s outpatient therapy classes.  These are a series of three different classes that span a total of about six months or so. They are designed to help people dealing with things like PTSD, Bipolar… Read more »

There’s a good chance I’ll be going offline for awhile and here’s why

Before we move on completely from this week of problems related to our A/C going down, I did forget to mention one thing that may affect this blog for the immediate future. The only bill I wasn’t able to get caught up on was our internet bill. It’s about a… Read more »

Bad News

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I’m going to start with the most important thing first and that’s Emmett. Apparently, Emmett was climbing on a metal folding chair that Lizze sits on when she’s reading to them at night.  While he was climbing, he slipped and smashed his mouth into the metal frame of the chair. … Read more »

I have good news and bad news tonight

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Today has been one of those days were it’s truly been a mix bag. We’ve been blessed with some really positive events today. At the same time, there’s some bad news as well. I think that’s how life sorta balances everything out.  In fairness though, life has a pretty shitty… Read more »

We received some bad news

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I really like to focus on the positive side of things but sometimes, life just sucks. No matter how it’s painted or candy coated, there’s no escaping the gravitational pull of this dense ball of negative shit. If I don’t talk about this stuff then you don’t have a true… Read more »