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#Fibromyalgia really sucks

“Fibromyalgia is nothing to joke about because it can impact every aspect of one’s life.”

We’re done with the Cleveland Clinic for this week and here’s how everything went

“We have to go back once a week for the next three or four weeks and that’s going to present a few challenges, both financially and logistically. I’ll figure something out though.”

I’m just chillin in the gigantic lobby at the @ClevelandClinic 

We had a good trip up to the Cleveland Clinic. Now I’m just trying to kill some time

We’re back at the @ClevelandClinic once again today

“Everything going on with Gavin is really taking its toll on both of us and we need the break, even if the entire trip is done in silence.”

We barely made it through our little sensory crisis this morning but we did :) 

Lizze managed to get Emmett to at least wear his crocks to school today. That was no easy task because she worked through screaming and kicking, never giving up on him or losing her patience.  Eventually, she was able to work him through this little sensory crisis and we made our way to school.   …

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Thanks to the weather, Lizze is in the midst of a massive Fibromyalgia flare up

Chronic pain makes life more difficult and it adds to the already difficult task of special needs parenting