A massive meltdown set the tone for the entire day and that sucks

It's been one of those days where I'm not sure how we've made it this far. lol For the first time in awhile, Emmett almost didn't make it to school because of sensory processing issues. Those issues were of course related to his clothes. Truthfully, I don't think he was feeling well. He was complaining of a headache and tummyache but I don't know if that was behind his struggles or just influencing them. By the time we worked through it, we were an hour late to school and they had missed breakfast. We stopped by McDonald's on the way so the boys could get something to eat before dropping them off at school. Emmett was hanging on by a thread already but when McDonald's screwed up his order not…


We spent the morning in meltdown hell

It was a morning from hell. I'm going on about 3 hours of sleep and needless to say, I'm exhausted. Everyone was doing well this morning until we realized that Emmett didn't know where his crocs are. We searched the house for almost 30 minutes and Emmett melted down the entire fricking time. He screamed and screamed because he was so freaked out over his crocs. By the time we found them, they were already 20 minutes late for school. My blood pressure is still up and my ears are still ringing. I'm more exhausted then I was before, which I didn't think was possible.


Holy Shit! Can you say overstimulation?

Lizze and the boys came home well after bedtime and my God were the boys wound up. Elliott and Emmett were bouncing off of everything, while Gavin was like a walking zombie, desperately wanting to go to bed. Elliott was somewhat manageable but Emmett went from hyper to raging. It was painfully obvious that while they had an amazing time, they were also completely overstimulated. Poor Emmett ended up having a massive meltdown a little bit after 10 PM and it was a doozy. I don't think he even understood why he was so upset. Mr. Elliott will usually try to help cheer him up, only to make things infinitely worse. Thankfully, Elliott stayed out of it for the most part and I give him credit for that. Emmett was…


What the hell just happened?

This morning was a nightmare with Mr. Emmett. He was beside himself all fricking morning long. He screamed, screamed and screamed a whole lot more. You would be shocked by just how draining this is for us as parents. The issue seemed to revolve around his mouth hurting. He has a tooth coming in and as a result, he's refusing to eat. He melted down because he didn't want anything for lunch but then he did. It was very clear that he was frustrated and simply wasn't able to process anything. He did eventually make it to school but not before setting a tone for the day that is quite unpleasant. I suspect that he's in a fever cycle because it's unusual for him to go this far off the…


The screaming is horrible

Emmett is in a horrible mood this morning. I don't know why he's in such a nasty frame of mind but he definitely is. Everything results in him screaming at someone and then saying that he doesn't deserve to eat breakfast or some nonsense like that. All I can say is thank God they have school today because I would make it if I had to deal with this all morning. School will probably put him into a better mood because it always does. It's my goal to ensure this doesn't set the tone for me today. I'm feeling on edge and stressed out as a result of all the screaming this morning.


Poor Gavin is devastated

Poor Gavin is having a rough morning. He'd been saving up for a $15.00 game on his tablet called Adventures in Mana. On Friday evening, I bought the game for him because he's been such a big help around the house, I felt he deserved a surprise. He was super excited and has been loving the game all weekend. The reviews were overwhelmingly positive but many people were complaining about game breaking bugs. Gavin wasn't worried about that because he liked the game so much. Unfortunately, about an hour ago, he stumbled across one of those game breaking bugs and it definitely breaks the game. He's so upset that he's been in his room crying for almost thirty minutes now. He wants to be left alone so we're respecting his…


The black and white, very literal world of #Autism

It seems that the boys had a decent day at school today, although Elliott said it was terrible because of all his makeup work. The moment Emmett got into the car though, he just screamed and screamed. He screamed the entire way home, because communication is a challenge. Yesterday I told Emmett that I would try to swing by my parents house and pick up their candy, because they were unable to go trick or treating. As it turns out, I took Gavin to get his bloodwork done and I realized that we were very low on gas. I don't get paid until Wednesday, assuming everything comes in on time. The bottom line is that I didn't get their candy bags and he had been counting the minutes until school…


Please God, help Emmett survive the day

I didn't sleep worth a damn last night. I managed to fall asleep shortly before the alarm went off. Lizze sent me back to bed because she's amazing. Next thing I know, I'm being drafted into a massive battle with Emmett, who's refusing to go to school again. This was the worst morning he's had in a very long time. It was his crocs that were the problem today. He simply couldn't get comfortable and longer this went on, the worse it got. Between several calls to the school and the principal getting on the phone to try and talk Emmett through this, we finally got him in the car. Unfortunately, by that time, we were almost an hour late. I'm more exhausted now than I was before, only I…

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