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Pictures from the best day we’ve had in a long time

Lizze and I had a terrific day today and that doesn’t happen all that often. The boys spent the day with their Grandparents, leaving Lizze and I a day to ourselves. ☺ The highlight of our time to ourselves was taking a nice long walk at the park. We ended up going on a light …

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#Autism Parenting: Where breaks are not a luxury, they are a necessity

We are getting some breathing room today, at least for a little while anyway. Lizze’s parents came and picked the boys up for the day because they’re awesome. ☺ We’re not getting as many breaks anymore because life happens and priorities have to shift accordingly. We totally get it and frankly, totally agree. At the …

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The #truth about #Depression and how it’s currently kicking my ass

Depression fucking sucks. That pretty much sums it up. I could easily use some extra expletives but my Mom reads this and I’m trying to keep the language in check. lol I’ve been waring with major Depression since my early teens. Many battles have been fought over the years, some were won and other’s not. …

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I love hearing my kids laugh

I’ve got a few movie passes burning a hole in my pocket and the boys really, really want to see Daddy’s Home 2. Lizze isn’t feeling well today but is happy to go along with us cause she’ll have a nap before at that will help her feel a bit better. The boys are finishing …

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@VivintGivesBack can help keep your child with #Autism safe

Wandering has reached epidemic proportions within the Autism community, as more than 50% of kids with Autism will wander away from a place of safety. Unfortunately, many of these episodes of elopement will not end well. It’s a heartbreaking and terrifying thing for Autism parents to have to worry about but many do. I’m writing …

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Holy Shit! Gavin hit a MAJOR milestone tonight

Every once in awhile, the kids do something that completely blows me away. They always impress me but sometimes, what they do is a real game changer. Tonight, was one of those night for Gavin. For the last five years or so, Gavin has been receiving IVIG Infusions in order to treat his Common Variable …

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