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Gavin’s not doing good tonight

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Unfortunately, Gavin is having a really rough night. He’s not been able to fall asleep because he’s not feeling well. The poor kid is battling tummy issues once again. He came downstairs a couple of times because his stomach hurt and he felt like he was going to vomit. I… Read more »

He doesn’t remember and that’s concerning

We made a spontaneous trip to the park. Elliott decided he wanted to walk the track and I jumped at the opportunity. Gavin wanted to come along with us but I was concerned about his hip. I asked him if he thought his hip would be okay during the walk…. Read more »

The McKinley Monument

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I meant to share this a little while back but life happened. I took this while walking at the McKinley Monument. I thought it might be interesting for those who’ve never seen it before. ☺

Gavin’s latest Lego Creation

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Gavin’s been hard at work on a new Lego creation today. It’s been a long time since he’s been creative like this and I’m thrilled to share a couple pictures with you, per Gavin’s request. ☺ He’s calling this one that Clone Trooper Star Fighter. Can’t imagine where the inspiration… Read more »

Here’s my breakfast smoothie and it’s delicious AF

As I’m working towards healthier choices and losing weight, I wanted to take a minute and show you one of my smoothie creations. In the gallery below, you’ll see the before and after. You’ll also see the nutritional break down as well. ☺ I specifically chose each ingredient for a… Read more »

Awesome news

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The boys are having a good day. No ones fighting. There’s no screaming and I just feel really good about it. I absolutely love when the boys are getting along and the house is quiet. While we’re on the topic of good news, guess what was found? That’s right, my… Read more »