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We had a big surprise tonight

It’s a school night and we are down two kids. Even though Gavin’s appointment was canceled, my parents took the two boys overnight and will them to school anyways. This was really amazing because we haven’t had a break from the boys in a long time. Gavin stayed with us and we decided to take …

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Bad news

I’ve been continuing to follow up in regards to Gavin’s NeuroPsych testing scheduled for tomorrow. After a few attempts to connect with our case manager, I haven’t heard anything back. As a result, I called the Cleveland Clinic directly, checked on the status and I’m glad I did. Insurance has denied Gavin’s claim three times …

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Never take this shit for granted

We’ve made tentative plans to have the boys spend the night with my parents because we may have to leave for the Cleveland Clinic around 6 AM. I’ve reached out to our case manager for an update and I’m waiting to hear back. Something that’s really important to me is that we always stay on …

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Taking on insurance and fighting for my son

We’re still waiting to hear about Gavin’s testing for tomorrow. We’re stuck in insurance limbo. As soon as I found out there was a problem, I knew there was only a few things I could do. The first thing was contact Gavin’s insurance case manager. If your child doesn’t have a case manager, ask for …

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Can you even ask for a better start to the day? I think not.

We had a pretty decent morning. The kids were in good moods and we even got out the door before 8 AM. That’s a good thing.. ☺ I thought we would further the awesomeness of the morning and swing through Dunkin Donuts. The drive thru was packed but the store was empty, so we went …

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Sending my thoughts and prayers

I wanted to take a few minutes and to say a few things about the terrorist attack that our fellow countrymen in New York endured yesterday. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those impacted by this act of cowardice, especially those who lost their lives and their families. What happened was an example …

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