MASSIVE UPDATE: Heartbreak and a few other things

As we close out another stressful day in world of special needs parenting, I thought I would touch base on how the day went.  We know that Emmett didn't make it to school. Rather, he made it to school but not out of the car. It was one of those sensory days where he was so hypersensitive, there was no working through it.  That's not to say we didn't try and try extensively because we did.  Every once in awhile, we hit days like this where Emmett just cannot tolerate anything on his feet. It doesn't matter what we try, nothing works. This is the exception to the rule though.  Typically, it's a struggle and requires a shit load of patience but we can work through it with him.  We…


Show of hands, who can relate to this #Autism Parenting challenge? 

It never fails that when I'm sick, tons of other shit happens at the same time, making it harder for me to rest.  I'm still not feeling good, didn't sleep well last night and Lizze is struggling to walk because of her hip. Simply waking up this morning had us at a disadvantage, right out of the gate.  Emmett had a really bad morning but not because he was doing anything wrong. He was unable to wear anything on his feet, despite exhaustive efforts to help him do so. He wouldn't even wear his flip flops.  We were almost twenty five minutes late before we even got him out to the car.  The poor kid had his shoes and socks on when we got into the car but he became…


#Autism families are sharing about how @VivintGivesBack has improved their lives and given them peace of mind

For a while now, I've been talking about how I use the home automation/security system I received from the Vivint Gives Back Project to keep my kids with Autism safer. You can read all about my experiences by clicking here. I thought it might be beneficial for you to see what other families are saying about their experience with the Vivint Gives Back Project. As a reminder, the Vivint Gives Back Project is devoted to providing Special Needs families with peace of mind. They do this by donating home security and automation equipment that helps parents both monitor and provide a safer environment for their Special Needs Kids. Monthly service rates are based on income and range from $15 - $40/month. You can apply for a system of your own,  you clicking here. Please…


I feel like I was hit by a freight train and left to die in the tracks 

Emmett has clearly woken up on the wrong side of the bed and is not having a good morning. Shoe's and socks are presenting a major problem today and it doesn't seem like we are able to work through it like we usually do.  I'm feeling like I was hit by a freight train and left to die on the tracks.  All I have to do is get the boys to school and then I can come home and pass out. The only thing between me being able to go back to sleep, is Emmett and his shoes and socks. 


It was a really rough day but we made it

It's been a really long day. I feel like shit and I'm sleeping on the couch because it's the only place I'm comfortable. The couch is really firm and I need that with my back the way it is. Plus, I'm sick and it's easier to fall asleep sitting up, while on the couch.  Thank God there's nothing on the agenda for tomorrow and aside from getting the boys to and from school, I should hopefully be able to rest.  I took some Nyquil and I'm hoping to be out shortly. Once I'm sleeping, I'll probably sleep through the night, unless one of the boys wakes me up.  I'm really grateful because Lizze has tried really hard to make sure I was able to rest today. I know it wasn't…


The boys had a good day at school

The boys had a pretty good day at school today. Everything went well for both of them. Lizze's Mom picked the boys and Gavin up this afternoon and took them to an early dinner.  This gave me a little more time to rest before they came home.  Lizze is not doing well today either because she popped her hip last night.  Anyway, I still feel like shit but I totally appreciate all the help we received today from our family. 


The entire day has been scrapped 

It's official. I'm sick.  I had a rough night because I couldn't get comfortable. I'm so congested and generally miserable. Frankly, I'm so miserable that we had to scrap the day entirely.  My Mom took the boys to school and Lizze's Mom is picking them up.  By and large, I've been able to sleep but it's not restful. I'm probably just going to have to hunker down and wait this out. Hopefully, it'll pass in the next few days...


What Gavin said that just about made my head explode

My goal with this entry is to help provide insight into one particular kind of challenge faced by parents of kids with significant cognitive impairment.  As someone with a background in emergency medicine, I find it particularly frustrating when I need to gather medically relevant information from Gavin.  This is a very difficult situation because Gavin is significantly cognitively impaired and is unable to provide information about how he's feeling or doing.  Today was a perfect example of this and it was unbelievably frustrating for me.  Shortly after dinner, I told Gavin that we've made it past the 72 hr mark and that he should be okay. It was about 72 hours ago that he'd eaten raw chicken and we were watching him carefully for signs of Salmonella poisoning.  After…