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The lowdown on today’s doctors appointments

Both Elliott and Emmett had appointments this morning with their pediatrician. This was a regular well-check and an ADHD follow-up as well. Elliott was really anxious because he knew he… Read more »

What happens when my kid with #Autism makes a mistake?

Let me tell you something, there are days where Autism just truly sucks. I know it’s taboo to say something like that because whatever but it’s the truth. This morning… Read more »

How #Autism unexpectedly influenced our day

We had a pretty amazing day. The parade was a ton of fun and we shared the float with another, amazing wish family. While it was a great experience, it… Read more »

The heartbreaking talk I had with my youngest

I always try to live my life without making any assumptions, at least big ones. No matter how hard I try, I inevitably find that I’ve made assumptions without even… Read more »

All I wanted to do was fix the sink and this happened

It’s been a really long and frustrating day. We were disappointed that we had to postpone our hike due to high temperatures but it is what it is. Instead, Emmett… Read more »

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