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My kids cooked me dinner and I’m blown away

One of the things we’ve been working on during lockdown is life skills. I try to make the best use of all the time we have available to us and it’s paying off. First of all, while Elliott and Emmett are both on the autism spectrum, they’re incredibly high functioning. Aside from anxiety, SPD and …

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Today was full of accomplishments

Elliott had his first day back today and it went amazingly well. I say first day back because we moved both Elliott and Emmett back to their old school. They’re remote learning instead of distance learning and the experience thus far has been night and day. Emmett is supposed to start Friday, September 4th but …

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Emmett’s birthday was a success

I feel like we had a pretty good day. Emmett’s birthday, while not what I would have liked for him, made him happy and that’s what matters. Lizze and her made a carrot cake for him and dropped it off. That was cool way for them to be a part of this important day. We …

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We had some #vaccine related hiccups

I wanted to explain the hiccup with school that we ran into. I mentioned this in a recent post and never circled back to explain. I figured I start the day off with some writing and this is a good place to start. The issue we ran into is with vaccines for both Elliott and …

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This is going to be a rough birthday for my youngest

June 26th is Emmett’s birthday. It’s probably going to be a little rough for him, considering all that’s going on in his life. As it stands, there isn’t much planned aside from his special dinner. Emmett has become allergic or at least very sensitive to dairy products again and so a cake is a bit …

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Focusing on the positive

There’s so much going on right now and our lives are on hold in many ways. The stress is getting to all of us and it’s quite common for me to hear the kids fighting throughout the day. They are so overwhemled by everything and I just don’t know how to help them purge some …

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