The constant ups and downs of being and #Autism parent – Page 2

The constant ups and downs of being and #Autism parent

The good news is that there’s no labor charge because my brother is kind enough to do the repairs, otherwise we’d be looking at even more expenses.

It’s good news that my Mom will take the boys to school in the morning but the bad news is we don’t know how they are going to get home, and Emmett will have to miss OT. He’s not going to like that at all. 

It’s bad news that Gavin’s IVIG infusion was had some hiccups today and he had to have one of the needles moved a few times, in order to get the medication infusing into his belly. It’s was very painful. 

The good news is the IVIG infusion finished without any further problems. 

The bad news is that Gavin’s body is not coping well with the donor antibodies this time around and he’s having some complications as the day goes on. He’s white as a ghost and has suffered from visual disturbances. When he stands up, his vision goes out and all he sees are black and white stripes. 

The good news is he’s not had that happen again but the bad news is it could be autonomic and that would be really, really bad news if that proves to be true. 

My day is full of ups and downs. It’s full of good news and bad news. Most of the time, these scenarios play out and are directly tied to being a special needs parent, meaning I haven’t even begun to deal with the everyday responsibilities/problems that go along with raising any family. 

By the time the day draws to a close, I’m exhausted beyond all belief and this wasn’t even what I consider a bad day.

There comes a point where I just don’t have the energy to care about anything other than the absolute essentials and this drives my decisions in just about every aspect of our lives. 

I’m hoping that this will help to provide some insight into what families like mine might be struggling with, and if you’re one of those families struggling, please know you aren’t alone. 

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The Autism Dad

Can anyone relate?

The Autism Dad

Can anyone relate?

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