Our Easter was derailed but we made the best of it

Our Easter was derailed but we made the best of it

As I’m writing this entry, we have two kids who’ve come down with a respiratory bug. Elliott and Emmett are both not feeling well. Elliott was running a relatively high fever of 102.2°F.

Emmett is showing the same symptoms as his older brother, but with added unpleasantness of still being inside of a fever cycle. 

Both boys have been moody, which is understandable, but it makes all the every day struggles that much more challenging. Thankfully, both Elliott and Emmett are asleep in their own beds, meaning I get to sleep in mine tonight. ☺ 

As a result of having two sickies in the house, we ended up canceling our plans for Easter. 

We could have split up, leaving Lizze and the boys at home, while Gavin and I went to Easter dinner. We didn’t do this for two reasons. The first being that Lizze wasn’t feeling well either, and the second being that this was our first Easter together since our separation ended. We wanted to stay together today, even if that meant staying home. 

Frankly, it worked out for the best because I was so exhausted after being up all night with Elliott. It sucked not being about to go but it think it was definitely for the best. 

We will have to make a trip to visit my Grandmother in a couple weeks. She’s out of town and we can’t afford the trip at the moment. 

There’s no school tomorrow and I’m thinking about taking the family to the park, assuming everyone is feeling better, and the weather holds up. 

I also need to finish up to articles I need to submit by Wednesday, one of which I have quite a bit riding on. 

That about sums things up for tonight. I hope everyone had a great Easter and stay tuned, because there’s always more to come. ☺ 

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