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Why I hate #meltdowns

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From a purely self-centeric perspective, I fucking hate meltdowns. Did I say I hate meltdowns, because I fucking hate meltdowns. I have had all the screaming I can take today.  My God, it’s been one meltdown after another today, and I’m trying to put into words what that does to… Read more »

Our summer is NOT getting off in the right foot

I don’t know what the deal is, but both Elliott and Emmett are not doing well. Health-wise they’re fine, but emotionally they’re like two freight trains ready to derail at any moment.  Maybe the transition to summer break was harder on them than it typically has been in the past?… Read more »

Trying to stay 1 step ahead of the next meltdown

Summer break hasn’t been going so well. I know it’s really only been two days, but those two days have been completely filled with meltdowns.  Elliott struggled a great deal yesterday, for reasons I never learned. It may simply be a transition thing, but you might not believe how bad… Read more »

Just some of the appointments we have coming up

One of the things we are getting caught up on in the very near future, is doctors appointments. We are actually behind on anything, but quite a few are coming due at the same time.  This week, Lizze has two appointments at the Cleveland Clinic. She scheduled them back to… Read more »

How I’m setting a summer routine for my kids with #Autism 

I have a few reasonable goals for what amounts to our first day of summer vacation. The biggest being a change in routine for the boys, and routine changes are never easy for kids with Autism.  Lizze heads back to class in the morning, and the boys and I will… Read more »

One of my favorite pictures from this weekend’s adventures

I’m not sure what flower this actually is, but it’s one of the newest flowers at the Canton Garden Center. Turns out this newest flower was also home to my new little friend. I’m not sure what he is either, but he didn’t seem to mind my intrusion.. ☺ 

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