Trying to stay 1 step ahead of the next meltdown

Summer break hasn’t been going so well. I know it’s really only been two days, but those two days have been completely filled with meltdowns. 

Elliott struggled a great deal yesterday, for reasons I never learned. It may simply be a transition thing, but you might not believe how bad some of these meltdowns were. Emmett had his fair share yesterday as well,! 

This morning, Emmett is in rare form. He’s been screaming for about two hours now. 

We were supposed to walk the track this morning, but Emmett is refusing to go. I realize that allowing him to dictate what we do is not a good thing. At the same time, I’m not a masochist. Taking him to walk the track would be a disaster. I’d end up carrying him, because he wouldn’t be able to walk ten feet without his crocs having to be fixed. 
To be honest, I don’t really have anything left in the tank to deal with public meltdowns either. 

If your asking yourself how I know things would go very badly, I will simply reply that a parent knows their kids. Autism parents try to live one step ahead of the next meltdown, so they can be avoided if at all possible. 

So far today, I’m not ahead of anything. The meltdowns today are horrible, and with Lizze out of play while in class, and for awhile afterwards, I’m pretty much on my own for now. 

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