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Here’s an update

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It’s been such a long day. The boys were picked up bright and early by my Mom, and Lizze and I were off to the hospital. Her Dad has been in surgery for most of the afternoon. We were sent home after awhile but everything seemed to be going well…. Read more »

Gavin’s driving me crazy because apparently, I’m not stressed out enough already

I’m going to try and keep things on track and if you’re looking for updates on Lizze’s Dad, please check here. If Lizze isn’t up to it, she may ask me to convey her thoughts. Having said that, while we haven’t noticed any changes in Gavin’s behavior yet, his typical… Read more »

When it comes to family, we do what we have to do

Our week has been re-prioritized in the wake on my father in laws heart attack. My Mom is going to be taking the boys to school and then hanging out with Gavin. This is a huge help because we need to get back to the hospital as early as we… Read more »

Please send your thoughts and prayers

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Without going into much detail, I’m writing tonight in order to ask that you guys send your positive thoughts and prayers in our direction. On Wednesday afternoon, Lizze’s Dad suffered a massive heart attack. He will be undergoing quintuple bypass surgery in the morning. This is very serious but hope… Read more »

We haven’t noticed any changes yet

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Today was the first day that Gavin’s Clozapine was reduced to 500 mg/day. Lizze and I haven’t noticed any changes yet and that’s to be expected. I believe Clozapine has a very short half-life, meaning it doesn’t linger and needs constant maintenance┬ádoses. I would expect that if we are going… Read more »

This morning was stressful AF

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We spent all morning listening to Emmett screaming. If he wasn’t screaming about one thing, he was screaming about another. It’s not the best way to start out the day. I’ve no idea why he was so out of sorts this morning, but it was awful. He did get off… Read more »

I’m hopeful this will produce a positive outcome

Beginning today, Gavin will be on a reduced dose of Clozapine. We will be dropping from 600 mg/day, down to 500 mg/day until we return from Gavin’s wish being granted by Wishes Can Happen in October. We don’t want any medication changes to take place during the trip for a… Read more »

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