Gavin’s driving me crazy because apparently, I’m not stressed out enough already

I’m going to try and keep things on track and if you’re looking for updates on Lizze’s Dad, please check here. If Lizze isn’t up to it, she may ask me to convey her thoughts.

Having said that, while we haven’t noticed any changes in Gavin’s behavior yet, his typical behavior is overwhelming enough already. Gavin’s truly the sweetest kid, and I couldn’t be any prouder of him. At the same time, he’s been driving me crazy (yes, I know that’s a short trip).

I love him dearly but he will not stop talking.

He’s in one of those places where I’m not sure he even realizes that he talking outloud.

Lately, he’s been verbalizing every thought that comes into his mind. There’s some strange shit that goes through his head. lol

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He’s been telling me what he’s doing, step by step. I know that might not make sense but let me give you a real life example. This actually happens.

Gavin insists on doing the dishes and we support it. He needs to learn things like this in order to maintain any amount of independence.

I’ll be in the living room, trying to write. Gavin will come into the room and announce that he’s turned the water on to fill the sink. Then he’ll walk away. A minute later he’ll inform me of the dishes he’s already washed, as well as what still needs washed. Then he’ll tell me what he was unable to get done for whatever reason.

Communication is good and don’t get me wrong, we’re so grateful he’s verbal. It’s just that there are times, usually only on days that end in “y”, that he can make me want to shove sharpened pencils into my ears.

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It doesn’t matter why he’s talking so much, because the impact it has is the same either way. It’s exhausting.