The plan for today

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The plan for today is to work on the house for a little while before going to the park and enjoying the weather.

Maybe we’ll go for hike in the woods. We haven’t done that is a while. The only problem with that Is that Emmett only wears crocs and those aren’t conducive for hiking. We’ll have to stop every 30 seconds for Emmett to fix them.

I heard a rumor that the boys might be spending the night with their Grandparents but I’m not sure if that’s actually happening or not.

The only other two things on the agenda today is to get the water jugs filled and watch the Cavs destroy the Raptors in game 3..☺


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1 Comment on "The plan for today"

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Sounds like a plan. Bob took me in his truck and we took my old bike to a repair shop. It was a nice ride in the country. Since I can’t really walk for exercise with knees anymore, I want to get back to a little biking. And it’s a really pretty day in the country.