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#Autism Parenting: It’s time to give yourself a little credit

Autism Parents have to be many, many things. Unfortunately, one of the most common things they are is hard on themselves. The average Autism parent is about a million times harder on themselves than anyone else possibly could be. We tend to hold ourselves to an impossible standard and blame… Read more »

The Did You Knows of #Autism Parenting: The Price of Admission

I hope this helps people to A) realize they aren’t alone in their struggle, if they feel that way currently and B) to better understand what goes into making decisions that on the surface may not make sense to them. Autism parenting is very difficult and the decisions we are… Read more »

An important truth about being an #Autism parent

As an Autism parent, life is exceptionally stressful and that’s on the good days. When things in life get rocky, for whatever reason, my body and mind simply want to shutdown. It’s a self-preservation thing and unfortunately, being an Autism Parent doesn’t leave a whole lot of room for shutting… Read more »

Preparing for a crazy Summer in our not-so-safe neighborhood with @VivintGivesBack

Sometimes I share my experience with Vivint Gives Back in regards to helping prevent wandering. There’s also another side to our Vivint Smart Home System, provided to my family, and that’s security. We live in a neighborhood that has on countless occasions, proved itself to be very unsafe. We’ve been… Read more »

I’m worried Gavin’s becoming paronoid

Something Gavin brought up during his visit with Dr. Moodley in Pediatric Neurology, had nothing to do with why he was there. Dr. Moodley was trying to involve Gavin in as much of his health care as was possible. Clearly it’s not possible but I like that he tried anyway…. Read more »

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