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I almost had to kick in my son’s bedroom door tonight

We had an incident tonight that sorta derailed our evening. I had assigned everyone a chore to do after we got home from dinner. They were all simple things like feeding the dog and changing the trash. I asked Emmett to split up the new bottle of hand sanitizer between the bathroom and the kitchen. …

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So far so good

We’ve made it halfway through the day, and things have actually gone smoothly. Emmett’s back at school, and we’re in the waiting room at Akron Children’s Hospital for Elliott’s appointment. A huge thank you goes out to Lizze’s Mom because she was willing to hang out with Gavin after he was done with his blood …

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The incessant talking is slowly eroding my sanity

It’s going to be a hectic day. We have four appointments to get to, and the logistics are a bit challenging. Emmett has an appointment for his legs this morning. We will drop Elliott off at school and head straight to Akron Children’s. Lizze and I will need to divide and conquer because, on the …

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Just added a 3rd doctors appointment this week

We already have two out of town doctors appointments this week. The first is for Elliott, and it’s in Akron, and the second is in Cleveland for Mr. Gavin. This translates to a shitload of driving that will far exceed the actual time spent in each appointment. Now we’re adding a third appointment. This one …

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What Are You So Scared Of?

It sad to say but the harsh truth of living in the modern world is that most of us live our lives in fear. That might sound kind of dramatic but you can see it all of the time. You see people who get trapped in the kind of life that they ┬ánever wanted and doesn’t make them happy but they put up with it because the idea of something else brings with it the fear of things going wrong and a lot of people really would rather put up with an unhappy life than take that risk.

It’s unbelievable what sometimes goes into getting my kids to school in the morning

It’s already been an eventful morning, after a long night. When we last spoke, it was about 1 AM, and the boys were unable to sleep. Elliott fell asleep shortly after that but Emmett could not. His legs were hurting him too much, and he ended up sleeping in between Lizze and I. I don’t …

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