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What it’s like to #vaccinate a child with #Autism and why we do it anyway

Getting the flu shot is extremely challenging for Autism families like mine but this is why we do it anyway.

Poor Emmett’s in so much pain tonight

The results of Elliott’s Whooping Cough test and why Emmett’s really struggling tonight.

Elliott is now being treated for #whoopingcough and we’re waiting for the test results

Whooping Cough is a very serious respiratory illness and I simply don’t understand how antivaccine people blow this off like it’s not a big deal. I can assure you, if you’ve ever been around someone, especially a child with Whooping Cough, you’ll be so grateful there’s a vaccine.

I’m not sure how well this is going to go

Not a huge deal, unless your kids are Autistic and barely tolerate clothes to begin with.

The struggles we face while raising a profoundly cognitively impaired adult son

I spoke recently about some of the struggles we face while raising a profoundly cognitively impaired adult son. This morning presented me with yet another issue that was directly related to how Gavin handles things. When we were at his gastro earlier this week, there were a few issues that came up as a result …

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Sometimes #Autism can be incredibly frustrating

It’s been a very frustrating day. We had to totally adjust our plans because Elliott was home sick but we try very hard to roll with the punches. Autism and/or Special Needs parents have to be able to adapt because they living in a ery fluid environment. I was able to get Gavin to his …

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