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Nothing says it’s going to be a terrible day quite like a massive morning #meltdown

It’s not a super fun morning once again. Emmett is not in a good mood, and the whole neighborhood is likely aware of it by now. I don’t know what has him so upset, but I wish I did. I hate starting the day like this because it’s stressful for everyone, especially the kid in …

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Why we almost didn’t make it to school

We had a rough day in our house. It began in the morning and revolved around Emmett’s new haircut. The previous night, Emmett had asked me to cut his hair really short. He said buzz cut. He’s had it done in the past and loved it. Lizze was not too keen on the idea but …

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How the f**k was I supposed to know that?

It’s been a really long weekend, and it wasn’t always pleasant. Mother’s Day was a mixed bag for several reasons, but ultimately, it ended on a high note. Lizze was missing her Grandmother, and it weighed heavy in her. 😔 That said, we had a nice dinner and even went to bed super early. The …

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As an #Autism parent, my son’s violent and aggressive behaviors are very concerning to me

The boys have been home about an hour or so, and I feel like we’ve already spent the sanity this break has allowed us to regenerate. Admittedly, it’s still not much, but we were a bit saner before they arrived home. 😜 Drama ensued fairly quickly upon their return. The boys reported that Gavin had …

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Oh that’s where all the hand sanitizer went

In our house, we keep hand sanitizer in key locations. The reason for that is that not everyone is mindful of proper hygiene and touching up with some Purell is necessarily a bad thing to do before touching or preparing food. We also keep hand soap in the bathroom and kitchen because that’s the preferred …

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I feel like we’re killing off the last part of his childhood

Spent a couple of hours with Gavin this afternoon. He had an appointment with his psychiatrist today for a medication follow up. This was in regards to his Clozapine specifically. This was an unexpected fucking emotional rollercoaster for Gavin today. Out of nowhere; he became distraught. When I asked him what was upsetting him, he …

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The struggle is real

Trips to public, busy and sensory unfriendly places don’t always go well. It’s pretty common for Autistic people to find themselves overwhelmed by all the sensory input that exists in abundance at places like Walmart.

There’s never an in between

I mentioned earlier that Gavin appears to be more and more paranoid. Part of the concern is about his schizophrenic hallucinations and the direction they’re currently heading in. He seems to be worried about bad guys watching him or something to that effect. That’s not necessarily new, but we see it with more frequency lately. …

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