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#Autism further complicates an already unpleasant situation

This is going to be a fricking nightmare. It already is. Gavin has begun the pre-op cleanse if you will. If that wasn’t bad enough, he’s not allowed to eat anything for at least the next 28 hours. For most people, a 28 hour fast would be very difficult. Gavin… Read more »

Even if we had the power, would it give us the right?

We have a conundrum and aren’t sure what the right thing to do is. In less than 24 hours, we return to Akron Children’s Hospital for pre-testing and consultation in regards to Gavin’s endoscopy and colonoscopy, which is a bit more complicated because of Gavin’s health issues. At this point… Read more »

At least his arm isn’t broken

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One of the joys of Autism Parenting is trying to figure out when something is wrong with your kid on the Spectrum. Communication issues abound and it can make things more challenging. I had to take Emmett into urgent care for x-rays this evening. About a week ago, Emmett fell… Read more »

I desperately need a break from his school related anxieties

This is a interesting story that involves Emmett, his teachers and a six month old homework packet. The other day, one of Emmett’s teachers approached me right before school let out because she wanted to give me a heads up in regards to a conversation she’d had with Emmett that… Read more »

Why his lack of awareness creates problems

Gavin is struggling a bit more than usual today. He’s never really been acutely aware of what’s going on around him but he’s absolutely oblivious right now. I don’t know that there’s anything going on today that’s really out of the ordinary. There’s nothing external to Gavin that seems to… Read more »

Hope isn’t always easy to maintain but giving up isn’t an option

Life can be frustrating when you’re an Autism parent because Autism has a way of impacting so many facets in life. I can’t think of a single area in my life that Autism has made more complicated. The primary source of frustration as of late is generally in regards to… Read more »

Micromanaging #Autism: Dealing with feeding problems

I wanted to take a minute and drop this video here, as well as pick your brain. Feeding problems can be quite common in kids with Autism, for a number of reasons. Unfortunately, it’s not something that is always outgrown, as evidenced by the fact that after 18 years, it’s… Read more »