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Why we almost didn’t make it to the @ClevelandClinic today

We’re leaving for Lizze’s 4th and final headache infusion this morning

I have some amazing news to share tonight

Lizze and I are getting ready to hit the sack because we have a really early day tomorrow. I wanted to take a few minutes and touch base with you fine folks because we have some positive news on the migraine front. ☺ First of all, Lizze had another bad reaction to the medication called …

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We got some bad news about my wife’s headache infusions

Lizze’s infusion has been going well for her today. She’s slept through a large part of it and I’ve just been sitting in the lobby waiting. They’ve decided to once again try the medication that caused problems yesterday. This time it’s going to be more diluted and will probably take about two hours to infuse. …

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My wife begins her 2nd day of headache infusions at the @clevelandclinic

It’s been a busy morning already. Lizze didn’t sleep very well. She’s in a lot of pain and extremely nervous about her second Infusion today. It’s very hard to be hopeful when you’ve been in so much pain for so long and nothing has ever been able to help. I’m trying to get her to …

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The first day of headache infusions had some painful drawbacks

It’s been a really, really long day and I’m going to make this a quick update. I want to let you know how the first day of headache infusions went for Lizze. It’s been a mixed bag for her. For starters, the Cleveland Clinic is amazing and the staff made Lizze feel very comfortable with …

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2 hours into her 1st headache infusion at the @clevelandclinic

Lizze has been hooked up to the IV for about two hours now. There’s no room for me to sit with her so I’m hanging out in the lobby until she’s done. I’m allowed to walk back and check on her but I have to be very, very quiet because everyone in there is dealing …

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I was an awful parent (by my standards) this morning and I feel horrible

It was a very chaotic morning and I regret a great deal of it. We were trying to get everyone out the door and nothing was going right. The boys were being kids and I simply had no patience. Elliott is at that age where we aren’t sure how much is Autism, anxiety and depression …

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