Influenced by #Depression?

Influenced by #Depression?

I got my nap in, and that may just end up being the limit of today’s excitement. Lizze isn’t feeling well, so going anywhere or doing anything wasn’t really possible. I hate seeing her so miserable and not be able to help.

It also sucks not being able to take advantage of the time to ourselves. It would have been so nice to get out of the house together and not because we have a doctors appointment.

It is what it is, and dwelling on the uncontrollable is pointless. The kids just got home, and it sounds like something happened. I can hear Emmett from all the way up here and he doesn’t sound very happy.

Perhaps I’ll just head down and see what’s going on.

I’m struggling a bit more with depression lately, and that seems to be flavoring the way I see things. It’s difficult to tell how much of what I’m experiencing is influenced by depression and how much is just reacting to the reality of the experience.

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