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OMG…. I have just one word to describe this

Emmett’s running a fever once again and I have one word to describe this….

How my 7 year old with #Autism broke my heart

“…….I had no idea when we left for school, I would get a glimpse of what he’s feeling. I’m heartbroken but I’m also so proud of him for finding a way to connect to his feelings and share it in such a beautiful way…”

I’m just going to call today Madness Monday because it just won’t quit

It’s been a Monday that’s not been really cooperative with my plans… I’m over you Monday… I’m over you..

Unable to focus and extremely impulsive

This morning was filled with an inability to focus and level of impulsiveness that would drive even the most patient of parents insane…

I have three words to describe how the boys slept last night

I can describe the how the boys slept in three words… Can you guess what those three words are?

Here’s a couple of important updates and slight problems

Here’s part one of a general update about some things that have been off the radar for a bit but have recently come up again…

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