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I have to face a major fear today in order to be there for my son

No one said being a single parent is easy but today I must face a major fear in order to be there for Emmett… I’m nervous

Emmett’s getting worse

Poor Emmett is getting worse before he gets better

Emmett’s spiked a high fever

Emmett’s spiked a high fever

Gavin’s acting weird and Emmett’s got a stomach ache

Both Emmett and Gavin are showing signs of not feeling well…. This is going to be an even longer weekend than I had thought

You’ve got to see what I caught on tape tonight

I set one of our new cameras from Vivint in his bedroom. This way I could go about my night and still keep an eye on him.

This is how I help my son with Autism transition from a visitation

Transitioning is really difficult for my kids on the Autism Spectrum but I’ve found one thing that helps…