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Heartbreaking signs that he’s getting worse

Gavin’s showing more and more signs of regression. As someone who sees him all day every day, it’s harder to pick up on things like this because it’s generally a gradual process. When someone sees him for the first time in awhile, it’s much easier for them to pick up on the changes. I’ve been …

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Heartbreak is absolutely crushing me tonight

The boys and I had therapy tonight with Dr. Pattie. While I typically enjoy these family sessions, tonight’s was a little rough for me. Tonight, Gavin unloaded a string of mission debriefings.  I know how much he likes telling us all about the missions he goes on with his invisible friends, and I would rather …

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He’s getting worse and I can’t hide from that truth anymore

It’s becoming more and more difficult to pretend that Gavin’s not getting worse. I know he’s never going to get better, and that’s something both my wife and me have come to accept over the years. While I’ve accepted that fact, it’s not that cut and dry. Gavin’s in an almost constant state of decompensation. …

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Why my heart breaks for my oldest #SpecialNeeds son

With all Gavin has going on in his young life, he’s blissfully ignorant to what it all means. In a way, that’s a blessing. He’s always so positive and looking forward to growing up. He’s seventeen years old and he’s looking forward to growing up.  Gavin doesn’t understand that there’s a better than good chance, …

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I wanted to take a few minutes and bring you all up to speed on Gavin’s current status. Lizze and I have been seeing some things that while concerning, aren’t really super surprising.  Behaviorally, Gavin is continuing to do well. Unfortunately, there’s more to Gavin’s situation than behavioral concerns.  I remember a time in the …

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Heartbreak: We learned more about Gavin’s condition today

We spent some time today, learning more about Gavin’s current condition and it truly is heartbreaking

It’s frustrating and heartbreaking to see Gavin go through this

As parents to special needs children, we experience many challenges and joys. Unfortunately, we also know far more than our fair share of heartbreak as well. This is one such time for my family

How my 7 year old with #Autism broke my heart

“…….I had no idea when we left for school, I would get a glimpse of what he’s feeling. I’m heartbroken but I’m also so proud of him for finding a way to connect to his feelings and share it in such a beautiful way…”