Poor Gavin is devastated

Poor Gavin is having a rough morning. He’d been saving up for a $15.00 game on his tablet called Adventures in Mana. On Friday evening, I bought the game for him because he’s been such a big help around the house, I felt he deserved a surprise.

He was super excited and has been loving the game all weekend.

The reviews were overwhelmingly positive but many people were complaining about game breaking bugs. Gavin wasn’t worried about that because he liked the game so much.

Unfortunately, about an hour ago, he stumbled across one of those game breaking bugs and it definitely breaks the game. He’s so upset that he’s been in his room crying for almost thirty minutes now. He wants to be left alone so we’re respecting his wishes.

This wouldn’t be a big deal for most people but kids on the Autism Spectrum can be impacted more significantly by things like this. Gavin is clearly significantly impacted.

I feel so bad for him but at least he didn’t have to spend his own money. I’m hoping they update the game at some point but it’s been almost two years since the last one, so I doubt it.

All I can do is help Gavin to get through this. I can remind him that it’s just a game and not the end of the world. I can try to reframe this in a positive light somehow. Things like this can sometimes help but not always. The best thing I can do is simply try to divert his attention away from the game and on to something more positive.

Poor Gavin’s world is shattered over this broken game. Here’s to Gavin having a better day…

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Game breaking bugs can pain in the butt, With Fallout 3 and New Vegas it been buggy on my PC and it can be every 5 min it will crash to desktop. I hope gavin will be fine. I am surprised SQUARE ENIX let this continue to be buggy and has not been updated since 2016 and still charging for it, I know about this company because of Final Fantasy game line is good and not talking about the Final Fantasy android app because that is on the same frame work as other games.

Rob Gorski

What’s going on? Nice to see you… ☺

It definitely sucks and Gavin’s really frustrated. I totally get the Fallout headaches. I think it was Fallout 3 for the PS3 that would crash and lose your game save. I had like 60 hours in and I lost everything. So frustrating….